All About Bees

Bees are one of the world’s most misunderstood flying creatures. Bees are beautiful, efficient, and in need of some serious loving!

Let us explore a little bit more about what bees actually are!

What Are Bees?

Most bees picture the honey bee when they hear the word bee. The honey bee is responsible for bringing us lots of honey and pollinating our flowers but there are also many other types of bees.

Bees are insects that fly. Bees are around so that they can pollinate plants, make honey, and make beeswax. Bees can be big or small. They have wings, hairy legs, great vision, and a stinger. Some bees that sting people will die if they lose their stinger.

Bees belong to the Animalia kingdom just like humans do! Their phylum is arthropoda which means that their body comes in segments just like beetles. From here different bee species start to get more specialized for the jobs that they have to do.


There are queen bees, worker bees, and drones in a colony. The queen bee decides how the hive is going to be run, the worker bees do all of the jobs in the colony, and the drones are the only bees in the hive that are allowed to mate with the queen bee.

Where Do Bees Live?

There are over 20 thousand different bee species around the world. These bees are all suited to live in different environments. Most bees want to live near wildflowers, but some bees can even be found in places like the desert! You can find bees just about anywhere you go on Earth unless it is below freezing and snowing all the time.

Bees live in homes called hives. Hives look like tiny hotels where bee fly into little cells called combs. Some bee hives are very big and hundreds of bees live in them. Some bee colonies get so big that they have to divide into two smaller hives! Other bee hives are very small and less than 50 bees live in them.

Bee hives are built in places where they will not get a lot of wind or water. This means that you may find a bee hive under your porch or at the peak of your roof. You may even find bee hives in your home or garage. In the wild bee hives can be found in trees, in dry caves, and in other tight places that are not often disturbed.